First English post!

Hello guys!
This is my first post in English and I am very happy!

My English is not thaaaat good, I just start to learn eight months ago and is about this that I want to write now for you.
When I lived in Brazil every time I said: I really need to learn English! But always I had an excuse :/ the truth is that I am too lazy to learn things alone, but when i moved to China the scenario changed everything! Now was only me and my husband, not in my country, I didn’t know nothing, and only me, my husband and two friends speak Portuguese! The beginning was really hard, I had friends but all of them spook English! Then, in that moment I realized: I need to learn English first and for sure later Chinese!
Look my situation, here we don’t have access to any tv show in Portuguese, YouTube and Netflix are blocked, only series and movies in Chinese and English.
When we arrived was winter and I expended a lot of time at home, was really cold! I started to watch a lot of series in English and push myself to speak with our friends, in the beginning was a little bit difficult, but lucky me they had patience! 🙂
The point is: I didn’t imagine that was possible to learn a new language alone! But day by day my English got better and now I think I can learn any language!
You don’t need to push hard yourself or have a lot of free time! Just choose something that you like to do, like watch TV, read or listening music and enjoy that time! All the Knowledge will come automatically.
We must not waste the knowledge available to us.
I hope I can share (now in English also 🙂 more about my experience here with you, about what I love and live.



Be colorful! 

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